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Frédéric Morlot, Chiara Pastorini, ...: Galileo Spirals Out of Control

Frédéric Morlot, Chiara Pastorini, Junli Song

Galileo Spirals Out of Control

Translated by Jordan Lee Schnee

Hardcover, 64 pages

Date of publication: 24.11.2021

Who is throwing melons and pumpkins from the highest tower in Pisa? It’s the mad scientist Galileo Galilei, confounding the old ideas of the Greeks around Aristotle. The strange old fellow does science everywhere, even in the taverns, and when he meets a whirling dervish, he comes up with an outrageous idea: what if, against all appearances, the earth wasn’t the center of the universe and everything revolved around the sun, around, around … he thinks, and begins to feel dizzy.


The latest book in the series Plato & Co. revolves around one of the philosophers who changed our view of the world like almost no one else. 

  • natural sciences
  • young readers

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Frédéric Morlot

Frédéric Morlot

was a passionate juggler as a child, he dreamt of becoming an illusionist and a violinist. A shock treatment at École Polytechnique in Paris made him a mathematician. More than anything he likes the beauty of the quadratic reciprocity law.

Chiara Pastorini

is a philosopher who founded “Les Petites Lumières” in 2014, a project to playfully introduce children to philosophy.

Junli Song

is an artist and storyteller. She has completed a Master's in children's book illustration, and is currently exploring storytelling in many guises.