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Our site in Berlin Kreuzberg includes office rooms, a showroom and a venue for events. At regular intervals we organize book launches and discussions: it creates a space of communication about and with books.


diaphanes was founded in 2001 and has since gained a high reputation for independent publishing in the field of literature, contemporary philosophy, academic studies and the arts within the German-speaking area. At present, some 50 publications are being released annually.

From early on, the focus has always been on issues of philosophical and political concern, art history and theory, with a particular interest in translations of French publications. This was soon to be supplemented with a selection of academic research in the humanities and in cultural studies, as well as with sophisticated publications of non-fiction and a refined selection of literary fiction for the benefit of the wider public.

The gap between the original and the translation, thinking vs. writing, image vs. text, knowledge vs. poetry provides for a highly resourceful discourse, which diaphanes in particular aims to promote and represent. The interdisciplinary and interlingual exchange and the instant response to political and social debates of current relevance thereby determine the programmatic emphasis as well as long-term projects of an editorially more demanding format.

The literary programme of fictional writing is meant to be both independent and unconventional and yet emphatically pluralistic in its style and ideology. Most notably the program selection is meant to be subjective: the choice of titles to be published focuses on persuasiveness and durability, either with a focus on contemporary prose on an international level, recent discoveries of innovative German-speaking authors or recovered treasures from various periods in the past or places in the world.

Press Commentaries

»One of the most exciting independent publishing houses focussing on philosophy, political theory, culture studies and art theory and – as of lately – also on literary fiction.« DRS 2

»One of the most delecate food for thought from France and Italy.« Der Tagesspiegel

»Books from afar but bound to become as near and dear to us as a close friend, who encourages us to bend our thoughts in the interest of clarity on current issues.« BR 2

»One may want to attribute to diaphanes the dignifying role of initiator to the German book market. Here we find such challenging publications of visionary theory implemented with a strong passion for detail, which have been deemed impossible by the big businesses due to a focus on profitability.« Scheinschlag

»Diaphanes has been the driving force in entrenching Postmodernism in Germany.« FAZ

»The common denominator of all the philosophers to be issued as authors by this publishing house is the fact that their aesthetic interest exceeds the theory. Opening-up to issues of art is a worthy gesture of philosophy.« Deutschlandradio Kultur


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01.10.2016, 17:00

ZERO! Neueröffnung Art Space in Kreuzberg

Location: Diaphanes Berlin, Dresdener Str. 118 , 10999 Berlin

01.10.2016, 17:00

Pierre Guyotat im Gespräch mit Donatien Grau und Stephen Barber

Location: Diaphanes Berlin, Dresdener Str. 118 , 10999 Berlin

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