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Submission for Books
General Handling Procedures

Manuscripts are welcome. Before handing in a manuscript, please make sure your project is in line with our programme selection. Yet depending on external factors operation time in handling procedures may vary within a maximum of three months. We try to reply to every offer made to us. In the meantime, please do not contact us by telephone to enquire on the state of affairs. We also do not have the capacity to provide a detailed statement of reasons, if an offer is rejected.

Please send your manuscript in PDF-format to: manuskripte(at)


Fiction and essay

Please send the following documents:
– a brief exposé
– an informative excerpt of approx. 30 pages
– personal details.
We will let you know, if we are interested in the entire manuscript.


Academic publications
Please send us either your entire manuscript or an informative abstract of your research project. Please make sure to include a short summary, a list of contents, an introductory text and/or a single chapter of your choice and some personal details.