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Anja Rathmann-Lutz

is historian and art historian. She received her PhD from the University of Hamburg and is currently based at the Department of History at the University of Basel (Switzerland) as Assistant Professor. Her research concentrates on the cultural history of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, especially on the perception of change in the high Middle Ages, the political use of images and questions of visibility, the history of late medieval cities and questions of temporality and time-and-space relations.

Other texts by Anja Rathmann-Lutz for DIAPHANES
  • German
  • 2013
    »Liturgische Räume zwischen Stadt und Konzil«, in: Matteo Nanni (Hg.): Music and Culture in the Age of the Council of Basel, Turnhout, Brepols
  • 2011
    Visibilität des Unsichtbaren. Sehen und Verstehen in Mittelalter und Früher Neuzeit, Zürich, chronos
  • 2010
    »Images« Ludwigs des Heiligen im Kontext dynastischer Konflikte des 14. und 15. Jahrhunderts (Orbis Medievalis 12), Berlin, Akademie
  • antiquity
  • iconography
  • Byzantium
  • public sphere
  • observer
  • painting
  • Middle ages
  • gaze
  • eye
  • art history
  • Islamic art