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Artemy Magun

is Professor and Director at the Center for Practical Philosophy at the European University at Saint-Petersburg. He has his PhD degree in Political Science from the University of Michigan (2003) and the doctorate in philosophy from the University of Strasbourg (2004). Magun is author of many books and articles in Russian, English, and French. He is the editor of Stasis, a peer-reviewed journal in social and political thought. Among his English-language works are the following books: Negative Revolution (2013), Politics of the One (2013, ed.), The Future of the State (2020, ed.); articles such as “Illuminated by Darkness. Two Symbolist Masterpieces”, “Hysterical Machiavellianism. Russian Foreign Policy and the International Non-relations”; “Marx’s Theory of Time”, “De Negatione”, and many others.
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