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Demdike Stare

is the name under which Sean Canty and Miles Whittaker have been making music since 2009 – music influenced by, among other things, occultism and spirituality, which opens up a sense of otherworldly mysteries and affords insights into the incomprehensible. Released under the Modern Love label – thus far including the four albums Symbiosis, Tryptych, Elemental, and Wonderland – their music has already been used as film scores for a number of productions, including Kiss of the Damned (2012) and Joe (2013). The Manchester-based duo have also performed internationally in numerous theatres, museums, art spaces and clubs, and with selected projects such as the live re-scoring of Häxan – Witchcraft through the Ages, Benjamin Christensen’s witch film of 1922, commissioned by the British Film Institute, or Concealed, a collaboration with the Cracow Sinfonietta and video artist Michael England for the Unsound Festival, of which a version was last performed in early 2015 at the Barbican Theatre in London.
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  • contemporary art
  • spiritism
  • occultism
  • imagination
  • ritual
  • artistic practice