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Laurent Mannoni

is head of heritage at the Cinémathèque française and the Centre national de la cinématographie. As an author and curator, he focuses on the history of film technology from its earliest origins to the present day. His published works include the monograph on Étienne-Jules Marey (Cinémathèque française / Mazzotta, 1999), and the exhibition Le Mouvement en lumière: Étienne- Jules Marey (Paris, 2000).
Other texts by Laurent Mannoni for DIAPHANES
  • Marey, Aeronaut

    In: Georges Didi-Huberman, Florian Dombois (ed.), Laurent Mannoni, Christoph Oeschger (ed.), Movements of Air

  • history of science
  • photography
  • artistic research
  • History of photography
  • history of media