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Roland Meyer

is a doctoral student at the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design, where he is currently finishing his Ph.D. project, titled “Operative Portraits”. His research focusses on the question of identifiability in the history of visual media as well as on the mediality of architecture.
Other texts by Roland Meyer for DIAPHANES
  • German
  • 2011
    Architekturwissen. Grundlagentexte aus den Kulturwissenschaften, Bd. 1 und 2 (Hg. mit Susanne Hauser und Christa Kamleithner), Bielefeld, transcript
  • Big Data
  • data
  • face
  • control
  • identity
  • digital media
  • architecture
  • theory of architecture
  • surveillance
  • social media
  • crowd
  • society of control
  • biopolitics
  • algorithms