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Simon Maurer (ed.), Daniel Morgenthaler (ed.): Refaire le monde

Simon Maurer (ed.), Daniel Morgenthaler (ed.)

Refaire le monde

Softcover, 256 pages

Staging an exhibition as choreography, as drama, as opera—as a place where reality, politics, aesthetics, art, film and music could address the issues of our day through documentaries, dialogues, science, activism and creativity. That is the dream, the idea, and the mission.

The primary aim of the refaire le monde exhibition trilogy at Helmhaus Zürich, involving some eighty different authorial voices, was to bring attitudes and actions into the safe space of the museum. This book is both a documentation of new values and new worlds and a guide to them. It is people-focused. It posits the arts as the model for a new reality.


Featuring: Ursula Biemann, Pascale Birchler, Club La Fafa: Nadja Baldini_ Søren ­Berner_Tawil Bukun Gurdei_Hicham_El Khemisi_Maya Hottarek_Jun Kanai_Rahimullah ­Mohammadi_Ali Omar_Raphael Perret_Levent Pinarci_Juliette Rosset_Arthur Sobrinho_Jawed Stanikzai, Corina Gamma, Vincent Glanzmann, die grosse um_ordnung, Fabrice Gygi, Maya Homburger & Barry Guy, A.C. Kupper, Asia Andrzejka Merlin, Gianni Motti, Raphael Perret with residents of transit centre Hall 9, Zürich-Oerlikon, Roma Jam Session art Kollektiv, Tanja Roscic, Heidi Specogna, ­Bertold ­Stallmach and all those who participated in various parallel events.


Curated by: Simon Maurer / Daniel Morgenthaler

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  • contemporary art

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Simon Maurer

Simon Maurer

studied Art History, German Literature and Linguistics in Zurich and London. He has been Director of Helmhaus Zürich since 2001. Exhibitions include solo projects with Gianni Motti and Christoph Büchel, Ursula Biemann, Asia Andrzejka Naveen and group exhibitions on the relation of ethics and aesthetics (“World Images,” in collaboration with Andreas Fiedler) as well as on socio-political issues such as diversity and inequality. He has been writing articles and essays for newspapers, magazines and books since 1991.
Daniel Morgenthaler

Daniel Morgenthaler

studied English, German and Philosophy in Zurich and Sheffield. He has been working as a curator at Helmhaus Zürich since 2011. Exhibitions include solo projects with !Mediengruppe Bitnik, De La Fuente Oscar De Franco, Florence Jung, and group exhibitions on, among other topics, gesture (“Talk to the Hand,” 2013) and discrimination (“of Color,” 2019). As a freelance author, he contributes to artistsʼ monographs, exhibition catalogues, and magazines such as Kunst-Bulletin and Brand-New-Life.